Lucky Charms and Superstitions at the Casino


Just came back from a casino with the parentals and sis. Now, I’m not a gambler. The most I would do are the penny slot machines. So, that’s where I headed to spend my $10 and keep myself preoccupied until my parents are done with their slots as well.

I go about my business next to this lady who obviously has been there in the casino for a long time trying her luck. I did notice she had her superstition of trying to stay on Lady Luck’s good side. After every time she played a bet she has to swipe the glass screen as if she was trying to unlock her iPhone screen. And I mean every time. She hits the bet button then she would swipe the screen. At first she was a little shy about it, but I made sure to not glance her way so she wouldn’t see I was observing her swiping.

Walking around the floor trying to look for my parents I notice a lot of quirks of trying to be lucky. Some don’t cross arms, legs, or even fingers. Can’t cross any part of you because you are blocking the good luck from you. Some bring an article that they deem lucky. Maybe a handkerchief or object of some kind. Then, there are those who take aura from others they believe bring them luck. Maybe have their first-born with them on their lap, or they have to touch the hand of lucky Aunt Jill. The opposite can happen as well. Bad luck strikes when your cousin pats you on the shoulder because you were winning, and your streak quickly ends. Then, you have the shifters who shift from machine to machine until they find the lucky one. They also wait to jump into a machine that’s been unlucky to someone, hoping they will be the one to break the unlucky streak.

My sister and I ended up chilling at the bar and wondered how random and lucky slots really are. Are they really random, or are they rigged? How lucky do you really get? Or do they just let you win just enough to make you feel good? Is it really luck or chance? Because it can’t be a game of skill. No matter what it be, it does get addicting hoping to win a rich reward. You’ll never know your luck unless you try.

By the way, I came out even. Got me my $10 back.