Never Let Go Of The Good Days

Never let it go index card

I don’t have cable. I’m quite content with just the antenna on my TV getting regular channels. I admit I miss watching the cable channels, like Food Network, but I just don’t have the time to watch as much TV as I really would like. So, I’m content with just watching the news before work and before bed, and whatever shows are on to keep me occupied for a couple of hours a day. Notably, the news is dominated by the day’s crimes, disasters, catastrophes: murder, corruption, natural disasters, diseases, etc. I understand why my sister chooses to not watch the news as much as I do.

Which is why it warms my heart when I hear those rare good stories on the news, or commercials featuring acts of kindness, or posts on a social network such as the one featured. It reminds me that there is still good in the world, and it is right for me to keep faith in both humanity and life. It serves as a reminder that you just have to look for those good things, like a hot cup of tea or a small fire, and hang on to them. Coz we always notice the bad things, the things that put a dent on our normal routine. It helps to remember the good times, to “hold on to the warmth and never let it go.” Life happens.

(Photo taken from Tumblr. Origin unknown.)