An Open Letter To The Lost.

My comment: Suicide is not just for the depressed. It’s for anyone who feels hopeless. It’s for those who truly genuinely feel that everything and everyone is just going against them. It’s when you truly feel that there is no way out, and there is no future to look forward to. This blog post successfully shows the emotion of suicide: what it feels when you contemplate that option, and the emotions that run through the ones you leave behind.

Please help raise awareness about suicide. For those who do not understand, do not hastily judge that it’s a mental condition, or a breakdown of some sort. Far from it. It is what could be the end of a long struggle, a losing battle, and suicide might be the only option they think they have when all others have failed.

You've Been Hooked!

This is for everyone out there who is currently hearing the whispers of desperation, the call of the void reaching out to them, even in the places we hide.

My name is Robert and I have something to say. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, a place of great natural beauty surrounded by the trappings of humanity. (Yes, parts of Niagara are ridiculously tacky, but on the plus side, Rob Ford isn’t our mayor and we’re not bankrupt like Detroit.) Every day we welcome strangers to our home; everyone is greeted with a smile and the hand of friendship. We never turn anyone away and regardless of how these strangers feel when they leave, one thing is certain: No one is unaffected by the unimaginable power of the Falls themselves.

The rushing waters are a symbol of purity and power and as they fall to the earth below they…

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